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Meera Hair Wash Paste 75 GM
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Hairwash paste is an aromatic rich blend of 8 natural herbs including Shikakai, Reetha, Vettiver, Green Gram, Tulsi, Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Amla. Shikaki, Tulsi, and Reetha clean your hair leaving it fresh and shiny, Hibiscus, Green gram and Fenugreek act as deep conditioners, strengthening each strand of hair from root to the tip. Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Amla and Vetiver help in body cooling. Meera takes its inspiration from tradition and brings the goodness of time-tested practices in a convenient form. For best results, use Meera Herbal Anti-Hairfall Hairwash Paste with an oil bath for reducing hair fall* that occurs due to excess body heat.