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Britannia good day butter cookies 75 gm


Britannia is the Top Leader in the Cookies Sectors and God Day Biscuits is the Top Most. Britannia Good Day was launched in 1986 which were available in two delicious kind one with Cashew and other with Butter. In year 1989, Good Day Pista Badam was launched. In year 2000 Good Day Chocochips was launched and in year 2004 Good Day Choconut was launched. This brand of cookies has grown tremendously which is stepping at a higher margin and satisfying consumer needs by giving superior quality of biscuits. Cookies are fond of everyone, kids, adult, old or new generation. Britannia brings wide variety of these cookies which gives consumers to choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits as this brand promise all the consumers with their good taste and ingredients. Britannia Good Day Biscuits consists of Good Day Butter, Cashew, Rich Butter Cookies (Butter and Cashew), Choconut Cookies, Butter Scotch cookies, Honey & Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Rich Cashew Cookies ATC, and Rich Pista Badam ATC.

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